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ACT 1:

PARTICIPANT 1: Takes the role of manipulator/coordinator

PARTICIPANT 2: Takes the role of observer/documentor Number Me: Take the role of Exterior Manipulator 

PARTNER: Takes the role of observer/ documentor Number 2


ME : Okay Rachael (PARTICIPANT 1)
Can we do it again go back, then play with it again

PA: Keep it where it is I have already started shooting

PARTICIPANT 2 walks in through the door

Me: oo okay, come come in (to PARTICIPANT 2) come in too P2: oh amazing

B: Melina sit in the chair

R: maybe we need to like balm the stings, put balm on it

Me: Balm?

R: so that it is more like fluid, so it doesn’t keep catching on it, because its really catching. Its already cutting into the fishline

M: your shirt has a grid on it

Me: my shirt? Oh yeah that’s so true, that wasn’t intensional

B: melina can you play around with the camera please

M: how does this camera work?

Me: how does (the arm) it work? How does it look when I pull on the string? ( to racheal) look at this (tugs on the string)

R: it looks so funny (reinacts the posion the coat is in with her own arm)

Me: is it weird? Is it normal? Because I cant see anything

The thing is you need to tell me what to do because I cant see anything

B: (to melina) press again

R: (to me) are we trying to get the arm into the pocket?

Me: ( to racheal) if that’s what you want to do
you need to tell me when to move

R: okay let go now

M: (sets continuous picture setting on the camra- im going to use this for my stopmotion)

(to me) Are you trying to show movement

Me : I am yes, im trying to show movement

R: Pull it up

M: okay I have to go and work

Me: bye melina

 (melina leaves)

Me: (to racheal) how does it look?

R: yeah it looks good

Me: what is it doing?

R: it looks like you put it in the pocket

Me: are you pulling it from the right place?

R: the string is catching onto it (the lock) so its getting caught and I cant, it wount go down so I have to pull it from the closer strings

Me: okay, thats okay
( to racheal) im going to leave it here now, lets switch places

(I stich the sting back onto it place with masking tape)


Me: Now im going to start doing what you were doing,

Do you see how you cant actually see anything?

Right so I have to you what to do. Actually this is a bit caught up

(to racheal) move it down, move it down

Now pull it a bit

Slightly, okay, now I have to leave it down a bit

Its actually to do with the angle aswell

R: yep,and it keeps getting caught up.

Me: yeah you’re right we do need some balm

This is so exciting


Oh my god right now it looks so funny


R: it looks like this right (reinacts the motion of the arm, again)

Me: yeah

R: (laughs)

R: what happens when you move the grid?

Me: lets do it ( I start moving the grid)

B: Stop! Stop! You cant do it like that. Take it off the..

( come over and moves the joints to rotate the grid)

take it off these or you are going to break these

Me: no because they are not actually joint to it yet

B: yes they are
(to me ) angle it

Me: angle it? Okay so now im angleing it like this yes? So this is just aidfferent angle

R: maybe it will move differently now

Me: we need to lock these into place (locks the grid)

Right okay (pulls the sring)

Wow look at that now, that’s crazy the movement changes so much

(to racheal) now pull it a bit more, pull it a bit more

R: I cant see it

Me: you can actually brign it all the way up, tahts so funny

B: move it your mving it too fast( to take the pictures)

Me: oo okay do it again

B: don’t move it yet

Me: okay

(continuous picture goes off)

Me: (to racheal) pull it down for a second, its so high up, can you see it from the other side when its high up?

R: yes, tahts the only time I can see it

Me: (to racheal) come here, switch places again, I want you to view this

B: I think we have got enough shots but you need to actually be doing something, you are not doing anything

It needs to be precise so you actually need to be acting this out not playing around

Me: that’s the point, I don’t want to determine the situation

(to racheal) narrate what you are doing racheal ) im not doing anything right now


R: im pulling the right string, the back arm is moving slightly

Pull yours a bit (to me)

Me: is that enough?

R: okay hold it there

Im trying to put it into the pocket but then..

Pull yours down a little (to me)

No no I meant let go of it

Okay can you hold it

Me: okay holding

Me: try pulling it a lot, it moves so differently now the grid has moved

R: yeah it does, its so weird the way it moves, its like its waving

B: start from the bottom please( to me)


B: okay I think we may have gotten the shots

Racheal thank you

Me: racheal thank you very much

( racheal leaves)

racheal opens the door with the strings on it

(the garment moves)

B: come look at the photos, I think the beauty of it is when the grid moves and the shifting of the angles

Me: oo wow and you can see people going in and out of it.

B: yes I was shooting continuously, I think you can make a really nice stop motion out of this

This is what he is talking about that’s why you need lots of frames

Because he wanted me to film mine with the jacket influx moving, now that we can change it we can do that




Film 02 //

B: what are you doing?

Me: laughs

Neda: buse are you filming from there

B: wheres the camera?

Me: what?

Neda: what are you doing?

Me: im not here

Berfin: shes saying shes not here

B: what do you mean your not here? Can I close the door?

Me: I liked it like that

B: no because its obstructing this thing

Why do you need to film

Me: m just taking some footage for my project

B: oo okay while the video is going

James : hey guys

Shall I pose with it (stands next to the prop to take a picture)

Me: james do something interesting

James: (puts his hand in the pocket of the coat)

B: (takes a photo of james ) so funny

J: (leaves) have a good evening

Me: bye

(Fiona looks in while walking past )

Me: (laughs as neda and berfin are talking about me in the other room)

Me: I really do think we should right a sign outside saying we are shooting

(Berfin walks past, looks in and walks in)

B: you cant be in here, there is no room

Berfin: (walks in anyway)

B: theres no space here

Berfin: (turns to me) I don’t understand what you are doing

Me: im getting footage of the outside world and the inside




Video 03 //
The narrative of the outside

(Someone tries to walk into the studio, through the door attached to the strings )

(I go outside)

Me: okay im coming

What happened?

Thalia and Neda: (laugh)

Neda: I cant tell you on camera

Thalia: yeah I cant tell you on camera

Me: yeah you can its part of my project

Thalia: no I really cant

Neda: No (covers up the camera)

Me: okay cover it up, cover it up

Thaila: there is still sound

Me: no no im not actually going to use all of this I will edit it

Oooo yes yes I do ( go to bag to get something)

Okay wait

Thaila: where idd it go?

Me: its in your jumper somewhere

(bunmi comes out of the room)

Bunmi: do you have your SD card?

Me: oaky yes I have one

(go to bag again to get SD card)

Me: I have a 16 GB one (Bunmi is in the room and doesn’t hear me

( I walk into the room)

I give bunmi the SD card




Video 4 //
the narrative of the outside

( I walk outside)

Me: Nurul

Nurul: I look so shitty on this camera, because its like wide, so when you up close(she demonstates) 

James: buse, did you see what I put on the BIASS Page, they mentioned me on the page

Trixie: what did you write?

James: I asked if they served Belvedere served by Elodie at the next event

Me: hahahaha

James: I might delete it

Me: don’t delete it!! Don’t

James: I replied to them, Dear Biass thank you so much for getting back to me so fast

Trixie: did you write for Biass? (to nurul)

Nurul: no I don’t run the facebook page

(walk to the vending machine)

(it is empty)

(bunmi come out of another room)

Bunmi: I don’t think I can do it anymore

Me: bunmi just do it! You have two hours

Do what you want with the gopro