The Observer Alternative VR Experience


VR and Performance

This project was a VR experience that allowed the performer to have a conversation with an external person while performing. The audience was the camera external to the two performers and we call the camera "the Observer" as they do not have a direct influence in the conversation/performance. 

TeTe is a professional dancer and became essential to our design process while we iterated the Virtual Reality Experience. Within the VR she sees spheres that can change scale and location, when she touched the balls in the world we created there is a sound that is triggered (you can hear this in the video). She creates the music that she dances to. The external performer can change the scale and location of the moving balls therefore manipulating the dancer. She has the choice as which ball she wants to trigger to set off the music. It because a conversation about performance. The performance lies in this conversation. 


Process : And Working Drawings