Inst [room] ent


Inst [room] ent pavilion was all about sound analysis in space

The Design Process here was through reverberation analysis on Pachyderm and some work with grasshopper. We created multiple iterations on the pavilion before reaching the final design, the walls of the pavilion were made of timber and the sound was intended to travel through mid-spaces integrated into the pavilion. There are sound sources integrated into the walls of the pavilion and it houses a poem written by me about language. 

[ French ]

Your language is not my language

Through gritted teeth, that man, he said

My language fills a void of sentiment

A void you cannot fill my friend


[ Japaneese ]

His language is not their language

We testify to this truth 

It is easy to forget however 

I feel, smoke, breath in the same way as you. 


[ English ] 

My language is not your language, whatever you say

Our friendships grow not in accurate understandings

But in the tongue’s slips, missed timings, mimes, trips,

And undefined boundaries


[ Chineese ]

Their language is a song

When music sounds, gone is the earth we know, 

We birth a space in which meaning can grow. 

An equal space with a common smile 


[ Hindi ] 

Your language has composed music

This shell has been the stave

We have hosted a combination of notes

You were part of an orchestra