Graff the Robot


Conserving Graffiti around Hackney Wick 

The project started with an initial idea of conserving the traces left by residents in Hackney Wick, an area that has been developing exponentially since the 2012 Olympic Stadium was built nearby. There has been a serge in developers changing the topography of Hackney Wick and a large split between the underground scenes of the area signified by their street parties and underground rave culture and the highly polished surrounding buildings that are sometimes painfully trying to polish and frame certain "sentiments" of "the old Hackney Wick". We provided a new way of using technology to store the data of graffiti walls in Hackney Wick and replay them through this robot where ever it is taken. The larger vision is that these colour pixels stored in the robot could be replayed as a location whenever a bicycle cycles past this specific location you would see a representation of the graffiti on its back wheel for instance.